What a week its been!

At 4.30am on Sunday 31st December, New Years Eve, Twixmas Day, I awoke to the sound of winds blowing a gale, and the clatter of icicle Christmas lights banging against the window. A sense of impending doom came over me, as I came to the realisation that the lying water, and slippery mud that we had encountered the previous day, whilst setting the course, was going to be a whole lot worse!

Off I go, with markers and signs in hand, and a car full of water, to walk the worse parts of the course. What I saw was not a pretty sight. I was suddenly faced with the one of the most difficult decisions I have had to make. The course was clearly too dangerous to run, so decision made! The first call is always the most difficult, but I made it, to the timing company, on their way down from Northampton!

With the timing company cancelled, there was no turning back, so it was back home to wake up Michelle and my daughter. Blurry eyed, with adrenalin flowing at high velocity, we set about texting 445 entrants to give them the bad news! A call to Wave105 and a few strategic facebook posts later, the message started to get through!

With that all done, I was now in uncharted territory! Damage limitation being the order of the day! Hanging off the T’s & C’s of no refunds or re-arranged races was not an option. I’ve often heard of races being cancelled with no refunds and have always winced at the thought of how the race organiser can make such a decision!

From the sublime to the ridiculous….. three alternative races, over the course of 7 weeks, with heart surgery bang in the middle!!

Then the trolls come out and start turning the screw! trying to profit from the disaster, caused by storm Dylan or whatever his name was!

“Don’t take it personally” I kept hearing, that’s the trouble, I did, and always will! I’m passionate about what I do, I enjoy seeing people enjoy themselves!

Twixmas 2017 is now done. We are in 2018 now, with lots of exciting events planned, and we have recently started enrolling members in the Rural Running Club!

I’m looking forward, not back, and am eternally grateful to everyone for their comments, yes, even the trolls! you, in particular made me realise that you only represent 0.5% of the people I organise events for, the other 99.5% are supportive and have been helpful and constructive in their comments!

I have always lived by the philosophy of ‘its not about getting it right all the time, its about how you put it right when it goes wrong’.

I am looking forward to seeing you all cross finish lines over the coming months. You make this job the pleasure it is and I hope you always will 🙂

Happy New Year to you all

Don’t forget, “Always Rural, Always Real”