Hundred Acres

Well! A weekend of two halves, demonstrating that our runs are like marmite! Some love em, some hate em. Happily the latter are in a very small minority, who, to be honest, we would rather not have in our races!

If you want seamless events, accurately measure courses, lots of rubbish bins, a toilet for every runner, and a car park the size of Dover docks, Rural Running events are definitely not for you!

At most of our locations we can only work with what we are given. As an example, we are not allowed portable toilets are Hundred Acres, we are not allowed to place rubbish bins and we have nowhere we can use for overflow car parking! Is this me passing the buck? No, most certainly not!

Everybody who ran the Hundred Acres races was able, without it having been necessary to include the obvious in the race day instructions, take their rubbish home with them, from the empty water bottle, to the little silver wrapper on the biscuits we gave out at the finish!

We have to admit to being caught napping with the car park, specifically at West Walk. We always try to encourage car sharing but can not force people to travel with other runners, we live a free world! Next year, runners travelling to Hundred Acres with 2 other runners, will receive a FREE parking voucher!

We would also like to emphasise, our races are ‘ALL INCLUSIVE’, no, that doesn’t mean there are endless amounts of local beers and spirits available, it means we don’t care whether you are black or white, fat or thin, tall or slim, christian or muslim, gay, straight, bi-sexual, or transgender! If you are a runner, you are welcome, if you run, you are a runner! NOBODY is excluded!

Those of you that ran the Half, whether the confusion at the start of your third loop affected you or not. We have arranged a FREEĀ  Half Marathon for you, on the 17th June. It will be timed, but there wont be a medal. All you need to do is email us with your previous bib number, and your surname!

Finally, Rural Running is a limited company, and as such we try our hardest to make our races profitable, although we sometimes fail miserably! When we do make a profit on ANY of our races, we like to spread a bit of it about. We have a charity partner for each year, we make spontaneous donations to local charities, community associations and we donate money to runners who are running their own fundraising events. We have also bought essential equipment for local parkruns!

I AM NOT motivated by the money I could make from organising runs, I have a very well paid full time job that I enjoy, and thankfully, allows me the time to run Rural Running.

Anyone who wishes to challenge any of the above is more than welcome to meet with me in person and I will discuss any issues with them face to face. I WILL not tolerate keyboard warriors insulting me or questioning my motives!

I will continue to organise events just as long as you continue to enter them!!

This is the end of me having to defend myself, to a very small minority. Its now time to concentrate on the majority and appreciate the amazing supportive comments you have all sent me.