Access to All

A few weeks ago we announced we were providing funding for 5 local runners to complete the England Athletics Guide Runner course. We had some doubters, who thought we were promising something we couldn’t deliver, but we delivered, and will continue to deliver.

We had more requests than we thought we could get places, so had to draw 5 names from the hat.

Yesterday, the first of our candidates completed the course, congratulations to them.

This now means, local club, Meon Valley Runners, and Lonely Goat Running Club, are able to accommodate Visually Impaired runners.

As an event organiser, we always said that our races should be accessible to all. With VI Guide Runner volunteers we are now able to accept entries from VI runners.

Any Guide Runner acting as a guide or a helper in any of our events, gets FREE entry.

We will continue to work to be all inclusive to everyone, because we believe that running should be something we can all do, irrespective of ability, gender, sexuality, race, or religion, or age.