Turkey & Tinsel Trot

Event Instructions

With just over 2 weeks until our Turkey & Tinsel trot at Portchester Castle, and with the event now all but full, we are publishing the Event Instructions.

The Event

The Turkey & Tinsel Trot is a multi-lap, timed challenge, offering runners the opportunity to either run a marathon distance, or lesser distances, in multiples of approximately 3.5km.

Runners can run individually, or as a team (minimum of 2, maximum of 6). Each team must run a total of 12 laps between them.

For example: A team of 4, running 3 laps together, will have run the 12 laps required, so ALL team members will qualify for the full set of medals. It is the accumulative total of laps run by the team that counts towards the medal.

The challenge starts at 10am, in the small ‘meadow’ to the right of the main castle entrance. Runners must have started their final lap by 4pm. After this time, no further laps may be started.


As a condition of our permit to be able to run this event, we have been asked to instruct ALL entrants to use the main village car park, in Asshetton Court, of Castle Street. The start area is a short 7-minute walk from this car park.


Parking at the castle is reserved for Marshals and Volunteers, and for visitors to Portchester Castle and St Mary’s Church.


There are Public toilets 150m from the start, which is on the course, 2/3  around each lap. There are also toilets at the car park in the village. Please make use of these toilets.


We have our own medical Team at the Start/Finish, as well as several medically trained volunteers around the course, as well as also taking part in the event. If, at any time either before, or during the event, you feel unwell, please make sure you report to the start area, or inform one of the on-course medical team who will be wearing armbands.


The default for any medical emergency out on the course is to call 999.


With each lap being 3.5km, we are not placing any water stations out on the course, but there will be a drinks and food station at the start/finish area. This will include water/jelly babies/energy bars. Please make sure you are adequately hydrated.

For finishers, there will be mince pies, mulled wine, and other festive fancies!!


ALL runners, whether they be team members of individual runners, who meet the lap count criteria, will receive all four medals, making up the ‘Christmas Dinner’.

The medals are as follows

3 laps – a starter

6 laps – a main course

9 laps – a dessert

12 laps – a drink and a cracker


We are chip timing all runners. The system will also count laps run by individuals and team members. Each team member MUST run a minimum of 1 lap.

Numbers must be worn to the front to be read by the sensors. Any runner wearing their number anywhere other than on their front, may not be counted, and therefore may not meet the lap count criteria. NO COUNT – NO MEDAL.


  1. From the Start, head along Castle Street (away from the castle) and turn left into Hospital Lane.
  2. At the end of Hospital Lane, turn right (but keep left) and run along the coastal footpath. Do not run along the private driveway.
  3. At the end of the coastal footpath, you will reach a grassy area. You must run clockwise around the metal fence around the children’s play area.
  4. When you have gone ¾ way around the fence, bear left and run up Kenwood Road, keeping to the pavement on the right.
  5. Approximately 250m along Kenwood Road, you will be directed onto Wicor Path, where you turn to your right onto the path. Continue along the path to end, at its junction with Castle Street.
  6. When you reach Castle Street, exercise extreme caution, as this is a crossing point. You MUST only cross the road if directed to do so by the marshalls.
  7. Once you have crossed Castle Street, turn to your left and stay on the pavement.
  8. Approximately 250m along the pavement, you will be directed to turn right onto a footpath leading into Castle Shore Park. Stay on this path.
  9. Near to the end of this path, turn left through a narrow gap and continue straight along a well-trodden, established track. Do not deviate from this path until directed to do so by sign/marshall.
  10. At the end of this path, turn sharp right and head towards the coastal path. On reaching the path, turn right onto the coastal path and follow this path.
  11. When you reach a set of ‘steps’, go down the steps and turn to your left, continuing along the coastal path until directed, after approximately 250m, to turn right onto a muddy path.
  12. This path will take you to the car park. Cross the car park and turn left. This is where you will find the public toilets.
  13. Continue along this path the point where you rejoin the coastal path, and then turn right, running around the outside of the castle wall, until you reach the main castle entrance.
  15. Continue onto your 2nd and subsequent laps. You are FREE to break out for a drink at this point.

This event is a FUN challenge, not an Olympic trial event so please treat it as such.

Please also be aware that we do not have exclusive use of any part of the course and as such I would ask that you pay due respect to other users of the paths, pavements and tracks.


We will publish a set of results/times as soon as we can. They will be published on our website