Race Date:

23rd August 2020

Closing Date:

4th August 2020

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Just imagine finishing a race to the sound of corks popping and bangers sizzling in the pan! You need imagine no further, the dream is now a relality!

Its Bubbles and Bangers time in Portchester.

The course, under the gaze of Portchesterr Castle, is a 3.5km loop, run as many times as you like, in as much time as you like.

There'll be 'bangers', there'll be 'bubbles' and there will of couse be an awesome medal!

Get it booked, its going to seel like hot sausages and fill up quicker than you can say 'chipolata'.


The will be a veggie option as well as non acholic drinks for the non drinkers.



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