Everyone welcome, runners and joggers!

After many comedic responses to the recent facebook posting by an as yet unknown member of Portsmouth Joggers, relating to our ‘lazily’ named Hundred Acres Summer XC, I wanted to set the record straight once and for all.

In 2012, I joined Portsmouth Joggers, having just begun running. I have to say, that they were welcoming, friendly, and inclusive, with running groups for every type and level of runner.

The club was going through a change, with an almost ‘mass’ resignation of the committee, with a new committee taking over. I wanted to make a contribution so joined the new committee.

If I had known then, what I know now, I would have opted just to continue enjoying my running and not become involved with committee’s and petty politics. Committees are a fundamental part of the club network, but committee members have to be volunteering to be so for the right reason, and not just to boost their ego’s.

My biggest mistake was to let personalities dictate what I felt about the club, and that, with hindsight, was a grave error! I left PJC, with very fond memories and some great friendships, that continue to this day. PJC got me running and for that I will always grateful.

At around this time, I started to organise a few local runs, primarily to assist the local Guide Dogs Fundraising and Support Group, with whom my wife was involved. I arranged the Twixmas 10k on the 27th December,  and was accused of going head to head with PJC’s Pub to Pub on the 28th. The P2P was a road race, and Twixmas was off road, and 350 runners made their own choice and ran Twixmas, with some making their own choice to run both races.

Over the years, Rural Running has been accused of copying race formats, and copying race names, as well as organising races on the same dates as PJC races.

I can state categorically, that when we organise a race, we have to consider a number of issues. Locaton, Distance, Type of Race, Terrain, and other local events.

It will always be the case that there are not enough weeks in the year to not have clashes, and there is always going to be the inevitable head to head. Most race organisers are polite, courteous and are able to request either a name change, or date change, and those requests are met!

PJC on the other hand, take the alternative course of action, by attacking! The recent FB thread included a statement from the original author of the post, saying that they had contacted me personally to request a name change. I challenge them to provide evidence of this! because they didn’t!

All our races, bar none, are supported by all the local clubs, with the exception of PJC, whose absence from our start lines, stand out like a sore thumb, with the exception of the few who continue to support us.

I would like to extend an offer to ANY member of PJC to run in any of our races, they are low key, friendly, and always well supported, with friendly, supportive marshals, and great medals.

Not only will ANY PJC member be made welcome, they can get discounted entry using the code pjc2018 when they enter via the www.ruralrunningevents.com website.

PJC will always hold a special place, regardless of who might or might not be running the club, and it is sad to let petty rivalries spoil the memories I have of being a member of their great club.

As I posted recently, only one person can tell you what races you should enter, and that is you!