History and facts of Boston Marathon

The first run took place in 1897 on a significant holiday for Americans – Patriot Day. TThis is an annual race that takes place in different locations in the largest city in the northeast of the country. Since then, according to tradition, the event is organized in the second month of spring.

The race, over 42 kilometers long, has become one of the most prestigious and recognizable in the world over time. The inspiration for the creation of this competition was a fairly successful demonstration performance at the competitions held in Greece in the summer of 1896.

The performance marathon in 1897 had only 15 runners, but today the race attracts an average of over 30,000 athletes each year. This tournament attracts more than half a million spectators worldwide every year, making it one of the most popular sporting events in the world.

Achievements of runners

The Boston run in 1996 set a world record for the number of participants and finishers. 38,708 participants of absolutely different ages took part in the event, and surprisingly, almost everyone made it to the finish line, namely 35,868 people.

For various reasons, the length of the track before 1957 changed several times and differed from the classic length of the modern marathon of 42,195 m, so several different records are recognized in the Boston Marathon at once, each at its own distance.

Only once the competition was canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic, but it is worth noting that all participants retained their place in the race next year. Participants from many countries participated and won the competition, the largest number of times the winners were representatives of the United States – 108; Kenya – 34 and Canada – 21 winners.

One of the main advantages of the event is that even people with disabilities can overcome such a long route. The most successful marathon runner in this discipline is Ernst van Dijk. He crossed the finish line 10 times first. At the moment, the absolute record holder is Clarence Demar. Since 1911 and for the next 19 years, he has won the race seven times, more than anyone else.

Girls have only been allowed to compete since 1972. The Union of Athletes of the United States explained such a long ban on the participation by the unpreparedness of girls for such physical exertion. But starting in 1966, women, bypassing the ban, began to run just as well as men, and from the very first year there were big victories.

Officially, women’s results were entered into the book of records only in 1996. The absolute record holder among women is Catherine Ndereba. She won 4 races.

Conclusion about the Boston Marathon

This event definitely deserves your attention, as it is one of the most massive marathons in the world, people of all ages and categories take part in it.