How the marathon is held and all about its significance

The St. The George Marathon is a sporting running held every year on the first Saturday in October. The location is located in St. George, Utah. The very first time this race took place was in November 1977.

This event was the realized idea of ​​Sherm Miller, in a short period of time, namely, in a couple of months, he brought his idea to life! Miller was very fond of running, and did it almost every day, and he really wanted to create something big in his small town.

He received permission to run his own marathon, although not everyone was happy about this idea, but still 57 people agreed to participate despite the rainy weather. And from a tiny race it all turned into an annual marathon, which is now the thirteenth largest in all of America.

The number of participants in the marathon and how to take part in the run

This event is attended by up to 7400 runners. As the locals say, thanks to the founder of the project, Miller, in October the city begins to live for real. Many tourists come, television, for everyone this is a real holiday.

Anyone from anywhere in the world can apply to participate, but unfortunately only 7400 people win the “lucky ticket”, they are selected using a random lottery. Allotted time to reach the finish line – 6 hours.

Route and distance of the marathon

Competitors must start in the insanely beautiful mountains of Pine Valley at 5,240 feet (1,598 m) and descend almost 2,600 feet (792 m) through all sorts of beautiful views. Almost every participant says that they have never run in such an amazing area with such a diverse nature. The race finishes at Vernon Worthen Park in St. George City at 2,680 feet (816 m).

Conclusion of such an amazing competition

Jogging in St. George is a real holiday for all the townspeople thanks to their roommate who was not afraid and took responsibility and decided to create his own business that he loved all his life, namely the marathon. Now it is so popular that the inhabitants of a small town look forward to October of each year to meet their favorites, and sometimes meet new members.

There is no great financial reward in this competition, but the emotions that people who complete this marathon get are not worth any money in the world. A distinctive feature of this race is, of course, a diverse view that will be with you all the way to the finish line. Many athletes momentarily forget that they are running because they enjoy the nature and atmosphere of the competition.

You should pay attention to this, and if you have the opportunity and desire, be sure to try your luck and apply for participation, suddenly luck will smile at you, and already tomorrow you will run along with many popular sportsmen.