What is the New York Marathon?

TCS New York City Marathon is an annual race in New York, USA. About 54,000 athletes take part in the marathon with a rather difficult route. This marathon is one of the members of the prestigious Big Six marathons, which are regularly held in major cities in the US, Europe and Asia.

Finishers of 5 or 6 of these marathons can find their names on the league’s official Hall of Fame site..Also, the melon competition becomes Platinum World Athletics Elite Platinum Label Race. It should also be noted that this event was organized by the New York jogging association and was first held in 1970. Since then, it has been held every year at the end of autumn.

How to become a participant

Many people from completely different countries want to take part in this race, but getting to such a large-scale event is not so easy, you need to either have a special invitation, which is given to people who have already participated, or apply on your own,but you must prove that you can physically withstand such conditions, and that you already had experience in such events, or try your luck and take part in the lottery.

For example, 117,709 applications were submitted to participate in the lottery for the 2019 event, and more than ten thousand people were lucky. After winning the lottery, you need to pay a registration fee to participate in the race and that’s it, you can take part.

Marathon course in New York

The route of the race is laid out along the streets and parks of one of the largest cities in the United States so that runners can cover all areas of the city. The path captures many beautiful places through rivers and bridges, squares, streets and, of course, parks.

Runners are always in awe of the views. On the path of the athletes there are marks every 1 mile and every 5 kilometers. The start of the 2021 competition was from the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, Staten Island towards Brooklyn. The starting zone is located at Fort Wadsworth, divided into 3 starting villages: blue, orange and green.

The finish line was placed in Central Park in Manhattan. The time limit for the marathon distance is 6 hours 30 minutes after the start of the last wave. Throughout the route, athletes can stop to drink water in specially designated places, or receive medical assistance. And those who successfully reached the finish line can drink hot tea and receive a diploma for participation.

Summing up this competition

It is very easy to draw a conclusion, this event cannot but admire with its exploits and such a large number of participants, it is worth paying attention to